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  1. stay the same
  2. stay behind
  3. stay
  4. wait

remain Sentences in English

  1. शव  =  corpse, body
    His mortal remains are buried in the churchyard

  2. बचा खुचा हिस्सा  =  residue
    The remains of a meal, a chicken

  3. भग्नावशेष  =  ruin, thing
    The remain of an abbey, of ancient rome

  4. बना रहना  =  human continue
    In spite of their quarrel, they remained the best friends

  5. रहना  =  human stay
    She left but i remained

  6. ठहरना  =  human, place
    I remained in london until may

  7. बाकी बचना  =  be left
    If you take 3 from 8, 5 remains

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