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  1. having a smooth, gleaming surface
  2. made slick by e.g. ice or grease
  3. having only superficial plausibility
  4. marked by skill in deception
  5. smooth
  6. polished
  7. smart
  8. clever
  1. a slippery smoothness
  2. a magazine printed on good quality paper
  3. a film of oil or garbage floating on top of water
  4. a trowel used to make a surface slick
  1. make slick or smooth
  2. give a smooth and glossy appearance

slick Sentences in English

  1. चतुराईपूर्ण
    A slick performance / you had to admire the slick presentation of last night's awards ceremony.

  2. चिकना
    Sidewalks slick with ice

  3. सतही
    A slick commercial

  4. धूर्ततापूर्ण
    A slick evasive answer

  5. कपटी
    A slick customer

  6. मक्कार
    A slick customer

  7. धूर्त
    A slick customer

  8. चिकने पृष्ठों वाली पत्रिका  =  magazine
    The passengers were given slicks informing them about the facilities provided by the airline.

  9. चिकना बनाना
    She slicked her hair with gel.

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