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  1. intensely or extremely bad or unpleasant in degree or quality
  2. very strong or vigorous
  3. severely simple
  4. unsparing and uncompromising in discipline or judgment
  5. causing fear or anxiety by threatening great harm
  6. very bad in degree or extent
  7. uncompromising
  8. stern
  9. difficult
  10. harsh

severe Sentences in English

  1. तेजस्वी  =  blow
    A severe blow

  2. कड़ा  =  criticism
    A severe criticism

  3. कठिन  =  examination
    A he gave a severe test

  4. कड़क  =  human
    He is severe man

  5. कड़ा  =  job
    A severe job competition

  6. रूखा  =  look
    A severe look

  7. तीखा  =  remark
    He passed a severe remark towards me

  8. प्रचंड  =  sickness
    A severe case of flu

  9. डारवना  =  situation
    A severe situation

  10. गहन  =  style
    A severe style

  11. सटीक  =  accurate
    A severe standards

  12. सादा  =  austere
    The severe beauty of a simple church building

  13. विकट  =  grave
    A severe illness

  14. प्रचंड  =  intense
    A severe frost

  15. ज़ालिम  =  not kind
    Don't be too severe on him,he couldn't help it

  16. गंभीर  =  serious
    A severe face

  17. सादा  =  simple
    She wore a severe suit with plain white blouse

  18. कड़ा  =  strak
    A severe interior

  19. जो़रदार  =  strong
    A severe wind was blowing

  20. भारी  =  terrible
    He got severe cough

  21. अति  =  very bad
    The house suffered a severe damage

  22. घोर  =  degree
    Bad harvest led to severe food shortage

  23. तीर्व्र  =  state
    A severe illness

  24. कड़क  =  test
    A severe test of his powers

  25. विकट
    Severe pain

  26. प्रचण्ड
    Severe pain / a severe case of flu

  27. कठोरता से  =  manner
    He behave severly with me

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