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  1. causing physical or psychological pain
  2. causing misery or pain or distress
  3. exceptionally bad or displeasing
  4. causing physical discomfort
  5. physically or mentally agonizing

painful Sentences in English

  1. दुखदायी
    A painful experience /

  2. अप्रीतिकर
    Applying for jobs can be a long and painful process. /

  3. कष्टकर
    My ankle is still too painful to walk on.

  4. कष्टसाध्य
    The painful process of being in love

  5. क्लेशकर  =  embarassment
    His incompetence was painful to witness.

  6. दुःखद  =  sense
    A painful experience, memory.

  7. दर्दीला  =  sore
    A painful sore on the back

  8. कठिन  =  difficult
    A painful process of stripping the paint off the wall.

  9. दुःखदायी  =  distress
    A painful conversation.

  10. कष्टकर  =  pain
    Her soldier is still painful.

  11. भद्दा
    A painful performance

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