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  1. emitting or reflecting light readily or in large amounts
  2. having striking color
  3. characterized by quickness and ease in learning
  4. having lots of light either natural or artificial
  5. made smooth and bright by or as if by rubbing
  6. reflecting a sheen or glow
  7. splendid
  8. not made dim or less bright
  9. clear and sharp and ringing
  10. characterized by happiness or gladness
  11. abounding with sunlight
  12. full or promise
  13. shining
  14. glowing in appearance
  15. sunny
  16. clear (weather)
  17. intelligent
  18. hopeful
  19. promising
  20. cheerful
  21. famous
  22. outstanding
  23. vivid in color
  1. with brightness

bright Sentences in English

  1. भड़कीला  =  dull, state
    A bright colour

  2. चमकीला  =  color
    Bright red

  3. शुभ  =  day
    Today is a bright day for all

  4. चमकीला  =  eye
    Bright eyes

  5. प्रफुल्लित  =  face
    Her face was bright with happiness

  6. उज्ज्वल  =  future
    You have a bright future a head of you!

  7. तेज़  =  human clever
    She should do well - she is very bright. / a bright child

  8. चमकता
    The bright stars of stage and screen / the bright pageantry of court

  9. बुध्दिमत्तापूर्ण  =  idea
    She has given a bright idea in the meeting

  10. शानदार  =  inanimate glorious
    A bright moment in history

  11. भड़कीला  =  jewel
    She worn a bright jewel.

  12. साफ  =  liquid
    The bright water trickled through his fingers.

  13. महान  =  star
    The bright stars of stage and screen

  14. तेज  =  sunlight
    A bright sunlight

  15. साफ  =  weather
    Yesterday's weather was bright

  16. स्पष्ट  =  clear
    The instructions on the packet weren't very bright.bright sound

  17. प्रसिध्द  =  famous
    He is a bright actor

  18. चमक्दार  =  shinning
    The bright coins shown in the gloom

  19. आनंद से  =  manner
    She was smiling bright

  20. स्पष्ट रूप से  =  manner
    The stars were shining bright

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