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  1. pleasant or pleasing or agreeable in nature or appearance- George Meredith
  2. socially or conventionally correct
  3. done with delicacy and skill
  4. excessively fastidious and easily disgusted
  5. noting distinctions with nicety
  6. exhibiting courtesy and politeness
  7. likable
  8. agreeable
  9. precise
  10. neat
  11. refined
  1. a city in southeastern France on the Mediterranean
  2. the leading resort on the French Riviera

nice Sentences in English

  1. अच्छा  =  equipment
    We require nice equipments for our camp

  2. मुश्किल  =  experiment
    A nice experiments

  3. अच्छा  =  food
    We had a nice dinner tonight

  4. अच्छा  =  human
    Nice people wouldn't do such thing

  5. अच्छा  =  human
    He was nice to her

  6. नाजुक  =  matter, delicate
    A nice handling of the situation

  7. कठिन  =  negotiation
    A nice negotiation

  8. अच्छा  =  products
    It's a very nice product

  9. अच्छा  =  time
    We had a nice time at the party

  10. मनमोहक  =  words
    His nice talks impressed everyone

  11. शालीन  =  decent
    He came from a very nice family

  12. आनन्ददायी  =  delightful
    A nice visit

  13. सूक्ष्म  =  fine
    A nice distinction

  14. शालीन  =  kind
    They are always nice to the strangers

  15. आलीशान  =  state
    The house stands nice and high

  16. ठीक-ठीक  =  event
    The caris going nice and fast

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