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  1. being everywhere equidistant and not intersecting
  2. of or relating to the simultaneous performance of multipleoperations
  3. aligned
  4. side
  5. akin
  6. similar
  1. something having the property of being analogous to something else
  2. an imaginary line around the Earth parallel to the equator
  3. complement
  4. correlation
  1. be parallel to
  2. make or place parallel to something
  3. duplicate or match
  4. be alike

parallel Sentences in English

  1. समानांतर  =  circuit
    A parellel circuit.

  2. समानान्तर  =  line
    Parallel lines.

  3. समानांतर  =  line, arrangement
    A parellel rows of the trees.

  4. अनुरूप  =  matters, correspondence
    A parellel case.

  5. समानांतर  =  rail, arrangement
    The railway and road are parellel to each others.

  6. समानांतर  =  road, arrangement
    The road runs parellel with the railway.

  7. समान  =  comparable
    The road and the canal are parallel to each other.

  8. समरुप  =  similar
    A parallel case.

  9. तुलना  =  comperision
    It is possible to draw a parellel between their experience and ours.

  10. सदृश व्यक्ति  =  human
    A case history without a known parellel

  11. समानांतर रेखा  =  line
    Draw a parellel between a and b

  12. समानता  =  plan
    I see parallels between to plans.

  13. समानता  =  similarity
    There are interesting parallels in the two situations.

  14. समानांतर होना  =  rail rail
    Eastern railway parallels western railway upto nagpur.

  15. समानांतर होना  =  rail road
    The railway parallels the raod.

  16. समानांतर होना  =  road rail
    The road parallels with railway.

  17. समानांतर होना  =  road road
    Eastern express parallels with western railway.

  18. सदृशता होना  =  be similar to creature creature
    Pathers parellel with tigers.

  19. सदृशता होना  =  be similar to creature thing
    Snakes parellel with other reptiles

  20. मिलना  =  be similar to matters matters
    Case a parallel with case b

  21. मिलना  =  be similar to thing thing
    Her experiences parallel mine in many instances.

  22. तुलना करना  =  match creature creature
    You can parallel monkey with chimpangee in some aspects.

  23. बराबरी करना  =  match thing thing
    Her performance has never been paralled with him.

  24. एक साथ संघटित होना  =  happen
    The rise in interest rates was paralleled by a fall in house prices.

  25. एक् समान होना  =  similar
    His experience parallel mine in many ways.

  26. बराबर करना  =  line
    Parallel the line a properly.

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