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  1. a reproduction of a written record (e.g. of a legal or school record)
  2. a secondary representation of an original
  3. matter to be printed
  4. exclusive of graphical materials
  5. material suitable for a journalistic account
  6. duplicate
  7. imitation
  1. copy down as is
  2. reproduce someone's behavior or looks
  3. biology: reproduce or make an exact copy of
  4. make a replica of
  5. duplicate
  6. imitate

copy Sentences in English

  1. प्रतिलिपि  =  reproduction
    I sent the letter,but kept a copy of this letter for my files

  2. कापी  =  advertisement
    He got the copy of the advertisement.

  3. प्रति  =  book
    Did yor get the copy of book

  4. प्रति  =  document
    Give me copy of document

  5. नक़ल  =  goods
    She made a copy of the designer dress

  6. हस्तलेख  =  manuscript
    Editor's copy

  7. प्रति  =  photograph
    Give me a copy of photograph

  8. प्रति  =  print
    Give me a copy of this letter

  9. नक़ल  =  structure
    He made a copy of the designer dress

  10. प्रति  =  subject
    Did you get the copy of this subject

  11. लेख  =  thing
    The president is always a good copy

  12. कापी  =  written matter
    The editor sent the copy for the next issue to the printer

  13. कौपी
    Make as many copies as you need.

  14. अनुकरण करना  =  human follow
    Street fashion tends to copy the clothes produced by the big paris designers

  15. नक़ल करना  =  human imitate work
    He copied the work to be done before evening

  16. नक़ल उतारना  =  human imitate
    Her little brother copies her bahaviour

  17. कापी करना  =  human answer
    I copied the answer into my notebook

  18. नक़ल उतारना  =  human book
    He copied the book

  19. प्रतिलिपि बनाना  =  human paper
    He copied the paper

  20. नक़ल करना  =  human thing
    He copied the famous painting

  21. नक़ल उतारना  =  human written matter, thing
    He copied a letter from the computer

  22. नक़ल उतारना  =  ability thing
    He copied a famous painting

  23. कापी करना  =  describe
    I copied this matter from the shakespear book

  24. प्रतिलिपि तैयर करना  =  manufacture
    I copied two letters

  25. उल्लेख करना  =  mention
    They will copy this matter for the next issue

  26. प्रति तैयार करना  =  print
    He copied a letter for me

  27. प्रतिलिपि बनाना  =  produce
    He copied the documents that has to be produced in the meeting

  28. प्रतिलिपि बनाना  =  shape
    He copied two letters

  29. प्रतिलिपि करना  =  transcribe
    To copy a set of figures from the book

  30. प्रतिलिपि बनाना  =  written matter
    He has copied this letter for me

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