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  1. independent
  2. have the connection undone
  3. go one's own away
  4. move apart
  5. treat differently on the basis of sex or race 1
  6. divide into two or more branches so as to form a fork
  7. disconnected
  8. alone
  9. individual
  1. remove something from group; keep or set apart
  2. isolate
  3. segregate
  4. part company in a romantic

separate Sentences in English

  1. अलग-अलग  =  direction
    We went our separate way

  2. अलग  =  meaning
    This words has three separate meaning

  3. अलग  =  wife
    I'm separated from my wife

  4. अलग  =  come apart
    The two pieces that we had glued separated

  5. अलग-अलग से  =  manner
    They arrived together but left separate

  6. अलग होना  =  human event
    The couple separated after 25 years of marriage.

  7. अलग करना  =  human human
    He separated the fighting children

  8. अलग करना  =  human
    He was separated from his friends

  9. बॉंटना  =  teacher children group
    The teacher separated the children into groups

  10. बॉंटना  =  be divided
    To separate the cakes into childrens

  11. विभाजित करना  =  classify
    How would you separate these pottery shards

  12. अलग करना  =  disconnect
    To separate the church from the state

  13. रोकना  =  discontinue
    The business partners were separated over a tax question

  14. भैद करना  =  discriminate
    The boys and girls in separate classes

  15. विभाजित करना  =  distinguish
    We separated several kinds of maples

  16. अलग करना  =  divide
    The mountain ranges separate the two countries

  17. अलग करना  =  sever
    He was separate from his wife

  18. अलग करना  =  divide
    Separate the wheat from the claff

  19. निकालना  =  cream, milk
    To separate the cream from the milk

  20. अलग होना होना  =  family war
    The families were seaparted by the war

  21. अलग करना  =  field, fence
    The field was separated by a fence

  22. अलग रखना  =  human, human
    This prisoner was separated from others

  23. अलग करना  =  metal, ore
    To separate the metal from ore

  24. अलग करना  =  room
    The partition separated the room

  25. अलग-अलग करना  =  thing, thing
    Break the egg and separated the white from the yolk

  26. अलग-अलग करना  =  thing
    Separate the cake into three equal parts

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