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  1. take up mentally
  2. become similar to one's environment
  3. make similar
  4. take (gas, light or heat) into a solution
  5. become similar in sound
  6. absorb mentally
  7. become adjusted; adjust

assimilate Sentences in English

  1. आत्मसात् करना  =  absorb
    The great american ability to assimilate other cultures./new arrivals find it hard to assimilate, and many do not wish to.

  2. अपनाना  =  adopt
    This is not an easy concept for non-believrs to assimilate.

  3. सम्मिलित करना  =  include
    Such works were not assimilated into main streams western art history.

  4. समावेश करना  =  take in
    Children need to be given time to assinmilate what they have been taught.

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