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  1. being directly across from each other
  2. moving or facing away from each other
  3. the other one of a complementary pair
  4. altogether different in nature or quality or significance
  5. characterized by opposite extremes
  6. completely opposed
  7. unlike
  8. conflicting; completely different
  1. two words that express opposing concepts
  2. a relation of direct opposition
  3. a contestant that you are matched against
  4. something inverted in sequence or character or effect
  5. something completely unlike
  1. directly facing each other

opposite Sentences in English

  1. उल्टा  =  direction
    She walked off in the opposite direction.

  2. प्रतिकूल  =  adverse
    Opposite condition

  3. विपरीत  =  contrary to
    Run is opposite to stop.

  4. सामने  =  front
    The people sitting opposite us looked very familiar.

  5. विरोधी  =  opponent
    I don't want to be opposite of anyone.

  6. उल्टा  =  reverse
    Opposite effect.

  7. आमने-सामने
    They sat opposite at the table.

  8. विलोम
    'old' has two possible opposites : 'young' and 'new'.

  9. विरुद्धार्थ
    'old' has two possible opposites : 'young' and 'new'.

  10. विपरीतार्थक शब्द
    'old' has two possible opposites : 'young' and 'new'.

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