like meaning in hindi

Pronunciation of like

like Definitions and meaning in English

  1. resembling or similar
  2. having the same or some of the same characteristics
  3. often used in combination
  4. equal in amount or value
  5. having the same or similar characteristics
  6. conforming in every respect
  7. similar
  1. prefer or wish to do something
  2. find enjoyable or agreeable
  3. be fond of
  4. feel about or towards
  5. consider, evaluate, or regard
  6. want to have
  7. enjoy
  8. choose
  9. feel inclined

like Sentences in English

  1. उसी तरह  =  human
    John looks like his father

  2. उसी तरह  =  degree
    Standing against the wall,looking very tought like

  3. जइसे  =  manner
    Worked like hell / ran like crazy

  4. की तरह
    Worked like hell / ran like crazy

  5. पसंद करना  =  favor
    His parents like me

  6. पसंद होना  =  kind
    I despise moochers and their like

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