duplicate meaning in hindi

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duplicate Antonyms

duplicate Definitions and meaning in English

  1. identically copied from an original
  2. being two identical
  3. matching
  1. something additional of the same kind
  2. a copy that corresponds to an original exactly
  3. copy
  4. reproduction
  1. make or do or perform again
  2. duplicate or match
  3. make a duplicate or duplicates of
  4. increase twofold
  5. make a copy; repeat

duplicate Sentences in English

  1. समरूप
    A duplicate invoice

  2. अनुलिपि
    Is this a duplicate or the original

  3. अनुलिपि बनाना
    To make an exact copy of sth

  4. दोहराना
    There's no point in duplicating work already done.

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