different meaning in hindi

Pronunciation of different

different Definitions and meaning in English

  1. unlike in nature or quality or form or degree
  2. distinctly separate from the first
  3. differing from all others
  4. not ordinary
  5. not like
  6. marked by dissimilarity
  7. distinct or separate
  8. dissimilar
  9. unlike
  10. separate
  11. distinct
  12. miscellaneous
  13. various

different Sentences in English

  1. भिन्न  =  quality
    His handwriting is different from mine

  2. अलग  =  state
    He is different from me

  3. अलग  =  unique
    He is a different boy in the class

  4. अलग-अलग  =  various
    Different members of the party complimented her on her speech

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