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  1. a deep prolonged loud noise
  2. a state of economic prosperity
  3. a sudden happening that brings good fortune (as a sudden opportunity to make money)
  4. a pole carrying an overhead microphone projected over a film or tv set
  5. any of various more-or-less horizontal spars or poles usedto extend the foot of a sail or for handling cargo or inmooring
  6. loud sound; crash
  7. prosperity
  1. make a resonant sound, like artillery
  2. hit hard
  3. be the case that thunder is being heard
  4. make a deep hollow sound
  5. grow stronger
  6. crash; make loud sound
  7. prosper

boom Sentences in English

  1. लम्बी बल्ली वाला  =  microphone
    Boom microphone.

  2. अचानक तेजी  =  increase
    A boom in car sales.

  3. अचानक तेज़ी  =  increase
    A boom in car sales.

  4. गर्जन  =  roaring
    The boom of the surf.

  5. गुँज  =  sound
    The boom of the gun.

  6. धमाका
    A very deep and loud hollow sound / the boom of the guns.

  7. अप्रत्याशित लाभ
    The publicity the case has attracted may bring a boom for the book's author.

  8. तेजी से बढना  =  grow
    Business is booming.

  9. तेज़ी से बढना  =  grow
    Business is booming.

  10. गरजना  =  resound
    We could hear the enemy guns booming in the distance.

  11. गर्जना करना  =  roar
    Weaves booming on the sea-shore.

  12. गरज पड़ना  =  say
    "get out of my sight" he boomed.

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