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  1. not accepting reservations
  2. done under pressure
  1. the act of moving hurriedly and in a careless manner
  2. a sudden forceful flow
  3. grasslike plants growing in wet places and having cylindrical often hollow stems
  4. physician and Revolutionary American leader
  5. signer of the Declaration of Independence (1745-1813)
  6. the swift release of a store of affective force
  7. a sudden burst of activity
  8. (American football) an attempt to advance the ball byrunning into the line
  9. attack
  10. hurry
  11. speed
  1. step on it
  2. attack suddenly
  3. urge to an unnatural speed
  4. act or move at high speed
  5. run with the ball, in football
  6. cause to move fast or to rush or race
  7. cause to occur rapidly
  8. hurry
  9. speed
  10. charge
  11. attack

rush Sentences in English

  1. तीव्र प्रवाह  =  access
    A rush of blood to his face.

  2. भीड़  =  activity
    Why all this mad rush

  3. तीव्र प्रवाह  =  advance
    The tide comes in with a sudden rush here.

  4. अधिक माँग  =  demand
    A rush on umbrellas

  5. जलबेंत  =  plant
    A matting of rush

  6. असंपादित प्रिंट  =  rushes
    The rushes of the movie are promising.

  7. रश
    In american colleges - the time when parties are held for students who want to join a fraternity or sorority

  8. धावा बोलकर हथिया लेना  =  army
    Army has rushed the enemy's position and defence etc.

  9. टूट पड़ना  =  human action
    He rushed the work.

  10. उतावली से भागना  =  human
    Don't rush take your time

  11. आगे बढाना  =  player
    The players rushed the ball a total of 145 yards.

  12. झट से प्रचारित करना  =  produce
    Editor rushed out a piece on the crash for the late news.

  13. आगे बढाना  =  game
    The home team rushed the ball a total of 145 yards.

  14. तेजी से बहना  =  woman
    Tears rushed to her eyes.

  15. बहुत अधिक दाम लेना  =  charge
    How much did the garage rush you for these repairs.

  16. तीव्र से बहाना  =  flow
    Water went rushing through the lock gate

  17. शीघ्रता से पारित करना  =  send
    To rush a bill through congress.

  18. तेजी से भागना  =  human
    He rushed his wife to get to the party on time.

  19. तेजी से धोड़ना  =  student
    The students rushed out of school.

  20. टूट पड़ना  =  thing
    People rushed to buy the shares.

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