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  1. suddenly and violently broken open especially from internal pressure (`busted' is an informal term for `burst')
  1. the act of exploding or bursting something
  2. rapid simultaneous discharge of firearms
  3. a sudden flurry of activity (often for no obvious reason)
  4. a sudden violent happening
  5. blow
  6. blast
  1. break open or apart suddenly
  2. force out or release suddenly and often violently something pent up
  3. burst outward, usually with noise
  4. move suddenly, energetically, or violently
  5. be in a state of movement or action
  6. emerge suddenly
  7. cause to burst
  8. break open or apart suddenly and forcefully
  9. blow up
  10. break out

burst Sentences in English

  1. बौछार  =  machine gun
    Several rapid bursts of machine gun fire.

  2. दरार  =  breach
    There is a burst in the dike

  3. फटन  =  break
    A burst in the week pipes

  4. फट  =  hole
    There is a burst in the water pipe.

  5. गड़गड़ाहट  =  outbreak
    A burst of applause

  6. बौछार  =  shot
    A burst from the machine gun shuttered all the windows.

  7. बारूद की बौछार
    Our sudden burst from the left flank caught them by surprise.

  8. फूटना  =  bubble
    Bubble bursts.

  9. खिलना  =  bud
    Bud bursts

  10. अकुरित होना  =  chestnut
    Chestnut bursts

  11. टूट जाना  =  dam
    The dam burst under the weight of water

  12. टूटना  =  door
    The door burst

  13. विस्फोट होना  =  explosive
    Rdx burst

  14. सरपट भागना  =  horse
    Horse burst

  15. फट जाना  =  human
    Your stomach will burst because of excessive diet.

  16. टूटना  =  lock
    The lock burst when the bullet hit it.

  17. भर जाना  =  space
    The house was bursting with people.

  18. अचानक टूटना  =  thing
    Bag burst

  19. फट जाना  =  thing
    The ballon burst

  20. अचानक आना  =  weather, start
    The storm burst and we all got wet.

  21. अकस्मात घुस जाना  =  place
    He burst into the room without permission.

  22. अचानक दिखाई पड़ना  =  appear
    The sun burst through the clouds.

  23. कूट कूट कर भरा होना  =  be filled
    The sack has burst with the grains.

  24. नष्ट होना  =  destroy
    Some parts of the machines burst because of explosion of bomb.

  25. कूट-कूट कर भर देना  =  fill
    They burst all the hay into the wagon.

  26. भर जाना  =  fill
    The town burst with tourist

  27. बाहर बह जानाना  =  over-flow
    After ten day of rain the river has burst its banks and flooded the valley.

  28. टूट पड़ना  =  swoop
    Enemies burst into the fort

  29. फोड़ना  =  thing
    He burst the ballon with a pin

  30. फटा पड़ना
    The room was bursting with screaming children.

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