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appreciate Definitions and meaning in English

  1. recognize with gratitude
  2. be grateful for
  3. be fully aware of
  4. realize fully
  5. hold dear
  6. gain in value
  7. increase the value of
  8. be grateful
  9. thankful
  10. increase in worth
  11. recognize worth
  12. value highly

appreciate Sentences in English

  1. आँकना  =  estimate
    Her abilities were not fully appreciated by her employer.

  2. क़द्र करना  =  event
    I appreciated his help when we moved.

  3. भाव बढ़ जाना  =  exceed value
    Investments are expected to appreciate at a steady rate.

  4. महसूस करना  =  feel
    I don't think you appreciate the difficulties his absence will cause.

  5. सराह्ना
    I appreciated his help when we moved.

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