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  1. a quantity that is added
  2. a change resulting in an increase
  3. a process of becoming larger or longer or more numerous or more important
  4. the amount by which something increases
  5. the act of increasing something
  6. addition
  7. growth
  1. become bigger or greater in amount
  2. make bigger or more
  3. add or grow

increase Sentences in English

  1. बढ़ोत्तरी  =  action
    He gave me an increase in salary

  2. प्रगति  =  advance
    His rapid increase in the company

  3. विस्तार  =  expansion
    The company's increase into new market

  4. वृद्धि  =  growth
    The increase of india's poplulation

  5. वृद्धि  =  increment
    They proposed an increased of 15 per cent in the fare

  6. बढ़ाना  =  decrease, event
    The company has increased the prices of goods

  7. बढ़ना  =  diminish, event
    The prices of goods are rapidly increasing

  8. बढ़ाना  =  increase
    They have increased the price of petrol by almost 20%

  9. बढ़ाना  =  swell
    We asked him to come to the meeting to increase the numbers

  10. तादाद बढ़ाना  =  animal
    The indian farmers have increased the cattle

  11. तादाद बढ़ाना  =  human
    The company has increased the workers to finish the new job within 1 year

  12. तादाद बढ़ाना  =  plant
    They have increased the plant of rose in this year

  13. आगे बढ़ाना  =  quality
    You have to increase your qualities

  14. बढ़ाना  =  quantity
    The company has increased the quantity of lux soap

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