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  1. of the highest quality
  2. super
  3. first
  1. a long narrow opening
  2. a narrow opening
  3. a long narrow depression in a surface
  4. a sudden sharp noise
  5. a chance to do something
  6. witty remark
  7. a blemish resulting from a break without complete separation of the parts
  8. a purified and potent form of cocaine that is smoked rather than snorted
  9. a usually brief attempt
  10. the act of cracking something
  11. break
  12. crevice
  13. loud sound
  14. usually from hitting
  15. attempt to do something
  16. joke
  1. become fractured
  2. pass through (a barrier)
  3. break partially but keep its integrity
  4. break suddenly and abruptly, as under tension
  5. suffer a nervous breakdown
  6. tell spontaneously
  7. cause to become cracked
  8. reduce (petroleum) to a simpler compound by cracking 1
  9. break into simpler molecules by means of heat
  10. break
  11. usually into parts
  12. lose self
  13. hit very hard
  14. discover meaning
  15. answer

crack Sentences in English

  1. प्रवीण  =  quality
    A crack commando unit

  2. जोरदार  =  quality
    A crack shot

  3. कोशिश  =  attempt
    Let's have another crack at solving this puzzle.

  4. आघात  =  blow
    I got a nasty crack on the head when i went through the window

  5. दरार  =  defect
    Small cracks found in the aircraft wings

  6. क्रैक  =  cocaine
    Crack is now widely available even in small towns.

  7. दरार  =  gap
    He opened the window a crack.

  8. मौका  =  shot
    He wanted a crack at the champion

  9. कड़क  =  voice
    A crack of ice

  10. धमाका  =  voice
    A crack of pistol

  11. चटाका  =  voice
    A crack of whip

  12. क्षिप्र उक्ति
    He gets a fair number of laughs for his misogynistic cracks.

  13. चलना  =  gun, sound
    His gun cracked

  14. चलना  =  gun
    Hunter's rifle cracked and deer fell dead

  15. मारना  =  human human
    The teacher cracked him across the face with the ruler

  16. पीटना  =  man
    The man cracked the child with his hand

  17. टूटना  =  substance
    The rope cracked

  18. दरार पड़ना  =  thing
    Her lips were dry and cracked

  19. फूटना  =  thing
    The glass cracked when it was heated

  20. कड़कना  =  thunder, sound
    The thunder cracked dramatically

  21. फटना  =  voice mental instability
    His voice cracked in the morning

  22. चटकना  =  whip
    The whip cracked threateningly

  23. तोड़ना  =  state hard thing
    I cracked two eggs into a frying-pan

  24. मरोड़ना  =  body
    He cracked her hand

  25. फोड़ना  =  bottle
    He cracked the bottle

  26. पता लगाना  =  cipher
    To crack the enenmy's code

  27. तोड़ना  =  glassware
    She cracked all the glassware

  28. मरोड़ना  =  hard thing
    You can crack this toughened glass, but you can't break it

  29. चटकाना  =  hard thing
    You can crack this toughened glass, but you can't break it

  30. तोड़ना  =  house
    They cracked our house

  31. में घुस जाना  =  house
    They cracked our house

  32. करना  =  joke
    He cracked a joke

  33. सुलझाना  =  problem
    His new computer game was a tricky one, but we finally cracked it

  34. तोड़ना  =  safe
    He cracked the safe

  35. पीटना  =  thing thing
    He cracked the horse with the whip

  36. फोड़ना  =  thing
    He cracked the bottle

  37. मारना  =  whip
    The driver cracked the whip over the horses

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