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  1. a long and hard-hit fly ball
  2. a sudden very loud noise
  3. a strong current of air
  4. an explosion (as of dynamite)
  5. a highly pleasurable or exciting experience
  6. intense adverse criticism
  7. loud sound; make loud sound
  8. explosion
  9. gust of wind
  10. fun time
  1. make a strident sound
  2. hit hard
  3. use explosives on
  4. explode
  5. lambaste; defeat mentally

blast Sentences in English

  1. झोंका  =  gust
    The tree was bent almost double by the wind's powerful blast.

  2. फटकार
    I got a blast from the boss for being late.

  3. विस्फोट
    Three people were injured in the blast.

  4. भभक
    A blast of hot air from the furnace nearly scorched me.

  5. तूर्यनाद
    Blow a blast on the trumpet

  6. धमाका
    Three people were injured in the blast.

  7. उड़ा देना  =  destroy
    The centre of the city has been blasted by repeated bombing.

  8. बरबादना  =  transitive
    The icy winds blasted the crops. by disease, cold, heat, etc; to cause sth to wither

  9. विनाश करना  =  destroy
    Frost blasted the crops completely.

  10. ज़ोर से बजाना
    I blasted my horn to make him move on.

  11. उड़ा देना
    The village was blasted by enemy bombs.

  12. कटु आलोचना करना
    The film was blasted by the critics.

  13. बरबाद करना
    Buds/crops blasted by frost

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