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  1. behave in a certain manner
  2. show a certain behavior
  3. conduct or comport oneself
  4. behave well or properly
  5. function
  6. act reasonably
  7. properly

behave Sentences in English

  1. बर्ताव करना  =  child
    The child behaved badly with the guests.

  2. पेश आना  =  human human
    She behaved herself very badly

  3. चलना  =  machine
    My car has been behaving well.

  4. व्यवहार करना  =  action
    Don't behave like fool.

  5. आचरण करना  =  comport
    Sit up,blow your noise, and behave yourself.

  6. पेश आना  =  human
    Behave yourself

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