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  1. include or contain
  2. have as a component
  3. contain or hold
  4. have within
  5. lessen the intensity of
  6. temper
  7. hold in restraint
  8. hold or keep within limits
  9. be divisible by
  10. be capable of holding or containing
  11. hold back, as of a danger or an enemy
  12. check the expansion or influence of
  13. include
  14. hold
  15. hold back
  16. control

contain Sentences in English

  1. होना  =  container hold thing
    That box contains old letters

  2. रोकना  =  human emotion
    She couldn't contain her anger

  3. रोकना  =  human enemy
    The soldiers contained the enemy

  4. नियंट्रण रखना  =  human human
    He couldn't contain himself for the joy

  5. होना  =  matters equal matters
    A quarts contains two pints

  6. पूर्णतया विभाज्य होना  =  number number
    Ten contains five

  7. होना  =  exist
    This can contains water

  8. सम्मिलित करना  =  include
    The record contains many old songs from the 1930's

  9. लेना  =  take
    This box will not contain all the items

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