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avoid Definitions and meaning in English

  1. stay clear from
  2. keep away from
  3. keep out of the way of someone or something
  4. prevent the occurrence of
  5. prevent from happening
  6. refrain from doing something
  7. refrain from certain foods or beverages
  8. declare invalid
  9. refrain or stay away from; prevent

avoid Sentences in English

  1. परिवर्जन करना  =  law
    Avoid a plea

  2. से बचे रहना  =  escape
    Muslims avoid tobacco during the day

  3. दूर रहना  =  hate
    "her former friends now avoid her

  4. टालना  =  keep away from
    I think he's avoiding me.

  5. रोकना  =  prevent
    Try to avoid accidents.

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