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  1. something that remunerates
  2. earnings from employment
  1. give money, usually in exchange for goods or services
  2. convey, as of a compliment, regards, attention, etc.
  3. cancel or discharge a debt
  4. bring in
  5. render
  6. be worth it
  7. dedicate
  8. discharge or settle
  9. make a compensation for
  10. give money for goods
  11. services
  12. be advantageous
  13. make amends
  14. profit
  15. yield
  16. get revenge

pay Sentences in English

  1. भुगतान  =  device
    A pay telephone

  2. भाड़े का  =  facilities
    A pay toilet

  3. मेहनताना  =  charge
    His pay is very high

  4. कमाई  =  earning
    He saved quarter of his pay

  5. वेतन  =  money
    A pay increase

  6. तनख़ाह  =  pay
    He wasted his pay on drinks.

  7. कमाई  =  pay
    He wasted his pay on drink

  8. वेतन  =  wage
    Pay is by check

  9. तनख़वाह देना  =  human, activity
    He was paid daily for the work

  10. देना  =  human
    He was paid on daily basis

  11. तनख़ावह देना  =  job human money
    The job pays 2000 to the workers

  12. क़ीमत अदा करना  =  job human
    This job pays good to him

  13. अदा करना  =  job money
    The job pay 20000$ every day

  14. सज़ा देना  =  be punished
    I'll make him pay for this remark

  15. जाना  =  visit human
    I promised to pay a visit to them

  16. करना  =  human, event
    He paid respect to the bishop

  17. देना  =  human attention
    He pays no attention to the teacher's question

  18. देना  =  human respect
    He paid his respect to the parents

  19. देना  =  human salary
    He paid salary to all the project staff

  20. देना  =  human, activity
    He paid to me for the work

  21. चुकाना  =  discharge
    Please pay your bill

  22. सज़ा देना  =  punish
    He paid me back by refusing to talk to me

  23. चुकाना  =  settle
    Pay a debt

  24. होना  =  action
    Your training will pay you well in the future

  25. देना  =  attention
    Don't pay him any mind

  26. अदा करना  =  charge
    Membership charge should be paid to the secretary

  27. भुगतान करना  =  interest
    How much does this saving certificate pay annually

  28. देना  =  job
    Pay a job

  29. देना  =  money, thing
    I paid four$ for the sandwich

  30. देना  =  money
    How soon can you pay

  31. देना  =  respect
    He paid his respect to the bishop

  32. देना  =  salary
    My firm pay well

  33. देना  =  visit
    Pay a visit to your relatives once a week

  34. देना  =  wage
    Are you paying wages in cash or check

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