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  1. a support usually of stone or brick
  2. supports the wall of a building
  3. brace
  4. support
  1. reinforce with a buttress
  2. make stronger or defensible
  3. support
  4. bolster

buttress Sentences in English

  1. सहारा  =  person
    When her parents died in an air-crash, her neighbours took her in and became her buttress.

  2. सहारा  =  abstract thing
    The government's tight fiscal policy acts as a buttress against inflation.

  3. पुश्ता  =  thing
    Soon after the church was built, a buttresses had to be built along the south wall because it was beginning to collapse.

  4. मज़बूत बनाना
    You need more facts to buttress your argument.

  5. सुदृढ्ॅअ करना
    You need more facts to buttress your argument.

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