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Near, Faithful, Tight, Confining, Airless, Stuffy, Unaired, Snug, Close-fitting, Cheeseparing, Penny-pinching, Closelipped, Closemouthed, Secretive, Tightlipped, Stopping point, Finale, Finis, Finish, Last, Conclusion, End, Closing, Ending, Closing curtain, Nigh, Closely, Fold, Shut down, Close down, Shut, Conclude, Come together, Fill up, Abutting, Adjacent, Adjoining, Approaching, Around the corner, At hand, Contiguous, Convenient, Handy, Immediate, Imminent, Impending, Nearest, Nearly, Neighboring, Next, Proximate, Warm, Circumscribed, Close-grained, Compact, Confined, Congested, Consolidated, Cropped, Crowded, Firm, Impenetrable, Impermeable, Jam-packed, Narrow, Packed, Restricted, Short, Solid, Substantial, Thick, Conscientious, Exact, Lifelike, Literal, Resembling, Similar, Strict, Attached, Buddy-buddy, Chummy, Confidential, Dear, Devoted, Familiar, Inseparable, Loving, Palsy-walsy, Private, Related, Thick as thieves, Thick with, Breathless, Choky, Fusty, Heavy, Moldy, Motionless, Muggy, Musty, Stagnant, Stale, Sticky, Stifling, Suffocating, Sultry, Sweltering, Sweltry, Uncomfortable, Unventilated, Hidden, Hush-hush, Reticent, Retired, Secluded, Silent, Taciturn, Tight-lipped, Uncommunicative, Unforthcoming, Chintzy, Closefisted, Illiberal, Mean, Miserly, Niggardly, Parsimonious, Penurious, Skimpy, Skinflint, Tight-fisted, Ungenerous, Adjournment, Cease, Cessation, Completion, Culmination, Denouement, Period, Stop, Termination, Windup, Bang, Bar, Block, Bolt, Button, Caulk, Choke, Clap, Clench, Clog, Confine, Congest, Cork, Dam, Exclude, Fasten, Fill, Lock, Occlude, Plug, Put to, Screen, Secure, Shut off, Shutter, Slam, Stop up, Stopper, Stuff, Turn off, Button up, Call it a day, Call off, Cap, Clear, Clinch, Consummate, Culminate, Cut loose, Determine, Discontinue, Do, Fold up, Halt, Pack it in, Sew up, Terminate, Ultimate, Wind down, Wind up, Wrap up, Agree, Bind, Chain, Coalesce, Connect, Couple, Encounter, Fuse, Grapple, Inclose, Meet, Put together, Tie, Tie up

close Definitions and meaning in English

  1. at or within a short distance in space or time or having elements near each other
  2. close in relevance or relationship
  3. not far distant in time or space or degree or circumstances
  4. rigorously attentive
  5. bar access to
  6. finish or terminate (meetings, speeches, etc.)
  7. draw near
  8. come to a close
  9. become closed
  10. come together, as if in an embrace
  11. unite or bring into contact or bring together the edges of
  12. bring together all the elements or parts of
  13. engage at close quarters
  14. be priced or listed when trading stops
  15. cause a window or an application to disappear on a computer desktop 1
  16. change one's body stance so that the forward shoulder and foot are closer to the intended point of impact 1
  17. fill or stop up
  18. finish a game in baseball by protecting a lead
  19. near
  20. nearby
  21. dense
  22. cramped
  23. accurate
  24. precise
  25. intimate
  26. oppressive
  27. humid
  28. secret
  29. reserved
  30. stingy
  1. ending
  1. obstruct
  2. seal
  3. complete
  4. finish
  5. stop
  6. join
  7. unite

close Sentences in English

  1. बंद  =  custody
    Bamxa hirasawa

  2. बहुतही  =  resemblance
    The twins have close resemblance

  3. गहरा  =  secret
    Gahara raj

  4. गहरी  =  sympathy
    Our close sympathy to thebereaved famility

  5. सच्चा  =  translation
    A close translation

  6. घुटन भरा
    The dreadfully close atmosphere

  7. तद्रूप
    A close translation

  8. निष्ठापूर्ण
    A close translation

  9. कसकर  =  tightly
    He joined the woods close

  10. नज़दीक  =  manner
    Don't come too close!

  11. पास  =  manner
    Her mother is always close

  12. आसपास  =  time
    He came to my house close to noon

  13. समाप्ति
    They were playing better at the close of the season.

  14. अंत
    They were playing better at the close of the season.

  15. अंत  =  section
    At closing, i want to say thanks to everybody.

  16. बंद करना  =  human
    Close a letter / close a bank account

  17. खत्म करना  =  human
    Close a letter / close a bank account

  18. भरना  =  human opening
    Close the cracks with cement

  19. खत्म होना  =  terminate
    The meeting close at 6 pm

  20. बंद करना
    The owners decided to move and to close the factory.

  21. बंद करना  =  join
    Please close the book/umbrella.

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