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  1. not far distant in time or space or degree or circumstances
  2. being on the left side
  3. closely resembling the genuine article
  4. giving or spending with reluctance
  5. with or in a close or intimate relationship
  6. very close in resemblance
  7. close by physically
  8. close in time; forthcoming
  9. familiar
  1. near in time or place or relationship
  2. (of actions or states) slightly short of or not quiteaccomplished
  3. `near' is sometimes used informally for`nearly' and `most' is sometimes used informally for`almost'
  1. move towards

near Sentences in English

  1. लगभग  =  clothes
    A dress of near satin

  2. समीप  =  escape, state
    A near escape

  3. लगभग समीप  =  guess
    A near guess

  4. बाँया  =  horse
    The near horse is one on the left

  5. जिगरी  =  human
    A near friend

  6. कंजूस  =  human stingy, character
    He is a near man

  7. पास में  =  place, distance
    He stood near the door

  8. पास ही  =  place, time
    His house is very near we will reach there fast

  9. निकट  =  relations
    Our nearest relatives

  10. नज़दीक  =  time, distance
    Our final exams are drawing near

  11. आनेवाला  =  time, time
    The near future

  12. बिल्कुल नया  =  translation
    A near translation

  13. पास  =  state
    Go and pich an apple from the nearest tree

  14. पास से  =  nearly
    A period of near 30 years

  15. लगभग  =  how
    A near-prefect performance

  16. निकट  =  close
    Come near so i won't have to shout

  17. क़रीब  =  manner
    Don't come any nearer or i'll shoot

  18. के पास  =  near
    A house near to the station

  19. करीब होना  =  organisation time
    Nuclear power station is near to the end of its working life

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