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  1. selected as the best
  2. elected but not yet installed in office
  1. an exclusive group of people
  1. select by a vote for an office or membership
  2. choose
  3. select as representative; choose

elect Sentences in English

  1. निर्वाचित  =  governor
    Elect mayor

  2. चुना हुआ  =  human
    An elected person for the election

  3. मनोनीत  =  president
    An elected president

  4. निर्वाचित  =  prime minister
    An elected prime minister

  5. चुनना  =  class
    He elected the class of good student

  6. चुनना  =  activity
    To elect the play

  7. चुनने जाना  =  human
    The ministers are elected by the people

  8. पस्ंअद करना  =  post
    The boy was elected for the post

  9. चुनना  =  subject
    We elected the opitional subject

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