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  1. a specific feeling of desire
  2. an expression of some desire or inclination
  3. (usually plural) a polite expression of desire for someone's welfare
  4. the particular preference that you have
  5. desire
  1. hope for
  2. have a wish
  3. prefer or wish to do something
  4. have in mind
  5. make or express a wish
  6. feel or express a desire or hope concerning the future or fortune of
  7. order politely
  8. express a wish for
  9. invoke upon
  10. desire

wish Sentences in English

  1. इच्छा  =  desire
    She had expressed a wish to see the children

  2. शुभकामनाएँ  =  greetings
    We sent our best wishes for her birthday

  3. चाह की वस्तु  =  matter
    She wanted a new bike for christmas,and she got her wish

  4. चाह की वस्तु  =  thing
    You will get your wish.

  5. अभिलाषा
    He got his wish.

  6. कामना
    He got his wish.

  7. इच्छा होना  =  huamn desire matter
    I wish to travel

  8. चाहना  =  huamn desire matter
    I wish to travel

  9. प्रार्थना करना  =  human human pray
    We wish to the god for peter to get well soon

  10. अभिवादन करना  =  human bid human matter
    I wished her a good morning

  11. चाहना  =  human force human matter
    I wish to make a compliant to the manager about the late commers

  12. चाहना  =  human want
    I wish to write to him but i don't know his address

  13. चाहना  =  human thing
    Everybody wish a happy life

  14. आशा करना  =  hope
    I wish that you could be happy

  15. शुभकामना देना  =  say
    They wish us a pleasant journey

  16. चाहना  =  want
    I wish you hadn't told me all this.

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