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  1. physically and forcibly separated into pieces or cracked or split
  2. or legally or emotionally destroyed
  3. not continuous in space, time, or sequence or varying abruptly
  4. subdued or brought low in condition or status
  5. (especially of promises or contracts) having been violated or disregarded
  6. tamed or trained to obey
  7. topographically very uneven
  8. imperfectly spoken or written
  9. thrown into a state of disarray or confusion
  10. weakened and infirm
  11. destroyed financially
  12. out of working order (`busted' is an informal substitute for `broken')
  13. discontinuous
  14. lacking a part or parts
  15. destroyed; made into pieces from a whole
  16. mentally defeated
  17. not working
  18. forgotten
  19. ignored (promise)
  20. stuttering in speech

broken Sentences in English

  1. निराश  =  human
    He was a broken man after the failure of his business.

  2. टूटा-फूटा  =  language
    To speak in broken english

  3. टूटा हुआ  =  damaged
    A broken glass/cup.

  4. खंडित  =  disturbed
    A broken sleep/sunshine.

  5. झूठा  =  not obeyed
    A broken promise.

  6. ऊबड़-खाबड़  =  rough
    An area of broken,rocky ground.

  7. न रखा गया
    Broken promises

  8. आर्थिक रूप से नष्ट
    The broken fortunes of the family

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