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Abet, Absolutely, Accede, Accept, Acceptance, Accepting, Acknowledgment, Acquiesce, Acquiescence, Acquiring, Adequate, Admissible, Admission, Admit, Affirmative, Agree, Agreed, Agreement, All right, Allow, Allowance, Alright, Amen, Approbate, Approbation, Approval, Approve, Assent, Assuredly, Authorization, Fine, Hunky-dory, Average, Big, Common, Cool, Copacetic, Decent, Delightful, Fair, Fairish, Goodish, Hep, Hip, Aye, By all means, Certainly, Definitely, Even so, Exactly, Gladly, Good, Good enough, Granted, Indubitably, Avowal, Canonization, Carte blanche, Concession, Concurrence, Condonation, Consent, Dispensation, Empowerment, Endorsement, Freedom, Imprimatur, Compliance, Cooperation, Gaining, Getting, Go-ahead, Green light, Authorize, Bless, Boost, Buy, Charter, Concede, Concur, Condone, Empower, Enable, Endorse, Endure, Franchise, Go for, Grant, Have, Humor, Okay, Oklahoma, Sooner State, Very well, Kosher, Large, Moderate, On the ball, Passable, Pleasant, Pleasing, Respectable, Right on, Satisfactory, Standard, Sufficient, Swell, Tolerable, Trendy, Unexceptional, Unobjectionable, Welcome, Just so, Naturally, Of course, Positively, Precisely, Roger, Sure thing, Surely, Undoubtedly, Unquestionably, Willingly, Without fail, Yea, Yep, Indulgence, Leave, Letting, Liberty, License, Permit, Privilege, Promise, Recognition, Rubber stamp, Sanctification, Sanction, Sufferance, Tolerance, Toleration, Verification, Warrant, Nod, Obtaining, Permission, Receipt, Receiving, Reception, Securing, Undertaking, Yes, Indulge, Let, Pass, Sanctify, Shake on, Sign, Suffer, Take kindly to, Thumbs up, Tolerate, Wink at

ok Definitions and meaning in English

  1. being satisfactory or in satisfactory condition
  2. acceptable
  1. a state in south central United States
  2. an endorsement
  3. permission
  4. acceptance
  1. sentence-initial expression of agreement
  2. yes
  1. permit

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