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subdue Definitions and meaning in English

  1. in a softened tone
  2. restrained in style or quality
  3. quieted and brought under control
  4. lacking in light
  5. not bright or harsh
  6. quiet
  7. controlled

subdue Sentences in English

  1. नियंत्रित
    Children were subdued and silent.

  2. दबा-दबा
    A subdued conversation / the sound of subdued laughter

  3. बुझा हुआ
    He seemed a bit subdued to me.

  4. हल्का
    Subdued lights and soft music

  5. सादा
    A little masterpiece of subdued eloquence

  6. हल्का  =  sound
    Subdued whispers

  7. मंद  =  business
    A subdued housing market / a period of subdued trading

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