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  1. trace
  2. move downward
  3. injure or kill by running over, as with a vehicle
  4. use up all one's strength and energy and stop working
  5. examine hastily
  6. deplete
  7. pursue until captured
  1. shabby
  2. in bad shape

run-down Sentences in English

  1. ध्वस्त  =  dilapidated
    A run-down area/town/industry.the whole city is in a very run-down state.

  2. थका-माँदा  =  exhausted
    Be/feel/get run down./you look pretty run-down. why don't you take a few days off

  3. जीर्ण-शीर्ण
    Living in a smelly, run-down house

  4. जर्जर
    Living in a smelly, run-down house

  5. विवरण  =  description
    I want a complete run-down on the situation.

  6. पूरा विश्लेषण  =  detailed analysis
    Give sb/get a run-down on sth.

  7. पतन  =  reduction
    The government's gradual run-down of the coal industry.

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