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  1. not allowed to continue to bat or run
  2. of a fire
  3. no longer fashionable
  4. outside or external
  5. outer or outlying
  6. knocked unconscious by a heavy blow
  7. not possible; gone
  1. (baseball) a failure by a batter or runner to reach a base safely in baseball
  1. outside of an enclosed space
  2. outward from a reference point
  3. away from home
  4. from one's possession
  5. outside
  6. outdoors
  1. to state openly and publicly one's homosexuality
  2. reveal somebody else's homosexuality
  3. be made known
  4. be disclosed or revealed

out Sentences in English

  1. बुझा हुआ  =  burning
    All lights were out in the street

  2. आउट  =  cricket
    The team was out after 28 overs

  3. अनुपस्थित  =  absent
    My mother is out

  4. साफ़  =  clear
    Say out

  5. असंभव  =  impossble
    Swimming in this weather is out

  6. इस्यू किया हुआ  =  issue
    The book is out you can not get it

  7. आउट  =  leaked
    The papers are out

  8. कम  =  less
    We are ten rupees out in our account

  9. अप्रचलित  =  out of date
    Miniskirts are out

  10. प्रकाशित  =  published
    His new book is out

  11. बेहोश  =  unconscious
    He was out before the nurses brought him down

  12. निकला हुआ  =  visible
    It was a clear night and the stars were out

  13. गलत  =  wrong
    I was slightly out of mycalculation

  14. वर्जित
    In our house dancing and playing cards were out.

  15. निषिद्ध
    In our house dancing and playing cards were out.

  16. बाहर  =  in
    She ran out

  17. बाहर  =  away edge
    Do not leanout you might fall

  18. दूर  =  far
    The boats are all out in the sea

  19. जोर-से  =  loudly
    Cry out

  20. चला गय्  =  over
    I like to walk on the beach when tide is out

  21. हड़ताल पर  =  strike
    The doctors came out in sympathy with the minors

  22. बहाना  =  excuse
    I have tonnes of work to do,at least that gives me an out

  23. प्रकट होना  =  event
    The truth will out

  24. गिर-जाना  =  fall
    People went the government out

  25. खत्म होना  =  finish
    Do not cry i will be back before the weak is out

  26. निकलना  =  notify
    The results are out

  27. सामने आना  =  open
    The secret is out

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