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  1. closely constrained or constricted or constricting
  2. pulled or drawn tight
  3. set so close together as to be invulnerable to penetration
  4. pressed tightly together
  5. used of persons or behavior
  6. packed closely together
  7. close
  8. snug
  9. stingy
  10. sealed
  11. difficult
  12. troublesome
  13. intoxicated
  1. firmly or tightly
  2. in an attentive manner

tight Sentences in English

  1. कसा हुआ  =  bag
    A tight bag

  2. कसा हुआ  =  blockade
    A tight blockade

  3. महँगा  =  business
    Tight market

  4. चुस्त  =  cloth
    A tight skirt

  5. चुस्त  =  clothes
    These trousers are tight

  6. कठिन  =  competition
    A close contest

  7. कस कर भरा हुआ  =  container
    A tight container

  8. कसा हुआ  =  cord
    Tight cord

  9. ठसा हुआ  =  drawer
    The drawer is so tight i can't open it

  10. संकोचित  =  feeling
    A tight feeling in the chest

  11. कम  =  finace
    A tight money

  12. टाइट  =  game
    A tight game

  13. कड़ा  =  management
    His tight control on the company

  14. मंदा  =  market
    A tight market

  15. बूरा  =  matter
    A nasty problem

  16. कम  =  money
    A tight money

  17. मज़बूत  =  position
    He has a tight position in the market

  18. कसा हुआ  =  rope
    A tight rope

  19. टाइट  =  schedule
    A tight schedule

  20. कड़ी  =  security
    A tight security

  21. कठिन  =  situation
    To be in a tight situation

  22. ठोस  =  thing
    The bolts are tight

  23. तंग  =  textile
    A close weave

  24. कसकर  =  manner
    Hold it tight.

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