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  1. not open
  2. used especially of mouth or eyes
  1. move so that an opening or passage is obstructed
  2. become closed
  3. prevent from entering
  4. shut out
  5. close

shut Sentences in English

  1. बंद करना  =  human body
    He shut his eyes and tired to sleep

  2. बंद करना  =  human business
    We're shutting the office for two weeks

  3. अटकाना  =  human thing, place
    She accidentally shut her skirt in the door and tore it

  4. बंद करना  =  human thing
    I shut the books and kept it away

  5. बंद करना  =  human tool
    He shut the till and locked it

  6. बंद करना  =  human, place
    He shut himself in the room to think

  7. बंद करना  =  open, event
    Shut the window before it rains

  8. निकाल देना  =  exclude
    They shut him from their circle

  9. बंद करना  =  bird place
    Shut the bird into the cage

  10. बंद करना  =  business
    He shut his store,sold his house and move away

  11. बंद करना  =  thing
    Shut the door

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