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  1. having great (or a certain) extent from one side to the other
  2. broad in scope or content
  3. (used of eyes) fully open or extended
  4. very large in expanse or scope
  5. great in degree
  6. great in range or scope
  7. having ample fabric
  8. not on target
  9. expansive
  10. roomy
  11. off
  1. with or by a broad space
  2. to the fullest extent possible
  3. far from the intended target
  4. to or over a great extent or range
  5. far

wide Sentences in English

  1. चौड़ा  =  broad
    A wide river

  2. बहुत बड़ा  =  extremely large
    There are wide differences between two partiesa wide audience/support.

  3. दूर  =  far
    Her kick was wide.

  4. पूरा खुला हुआ  =  fully open
    She stared at him with eyes wide.

  5. विस्तृत  =  spacious
    The whole wide world.

  6. विस्तृत
    The wide plains

  7. व्यापक
    Granted him wide powers / a manager with wide experience of industry

  8. बड़ा
    Won by a wide margin

  9. घेरदार
    The current taste for wide skirts

  10. पूरी तरह से  =  fully
    Open your mouth wide.

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