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  1. lacking in hardness relatively or comparatively
  2. metaphorically soft
  3. of sound
  4. relatively low in volume
  5. easily hurt
  6. used chiefly as a direction or description in music
  7. used of beverages
  8. not containing alcohol
  9. of speech sounds
  10. characterized by a hissing or hushing sound (as `s' and `sh')
  11. tolerant or lenient
  12. having little impact
  13. not burdensome or demanding
  14. borne or done easily and without hardship
  15. cushioned
  16. squishy
  17. faint
  18. temperate
  19. compassionate
  20. out of condition
  21. stupid
  1. in a relaxed manner
  2. or without hardship

soft Sentences in English

  1. हल्का
    Soft voices / soft music

  2. नरम
    Baby's soft cheeks

  3. मुलायम  =  hard
    A soft bed

  4. मद्धिम
    Soft music

  5. शान्त
    A soft breeze

  6. दयालु
    He was soft on his children.

  7. नरम  =  lenient
    He has a soft behaviour towards the students

  8. शीतल
    A soft breeze

  9. ठोस
    The lawyer downplayed the soft evidence.

  10. हल्का  =  colour
    A soft pink rather than harsh red

  11. बिखरा हुआ  =  diffused
    Soft light played on the lawns

  12. मृदु
    A soft detergent

  13. अल्कोहल रहित
    Coca-cola is a soft drink

  14. अहानिकारक
    Cannabis is a soft drugs

  15. नरम
    Took a soft line toward their opponents

  16. मंदा
    The market for computers is soft.

  17. नरमदिल  =  human delicate
    He was too soft for the marines

  18. नरमदिल  =  human generous
    Soft parents risk spoiling their children

  19. शिथिल
    He'd got soft after all those years in a desk job.

  20. ढीला-ढाला
    Soft around the middle

  21. आसान  =  job easy
    A soft job

  22. धुँधला  =  line blurry
    A soft line

  23. खुला
    A soft target

  24. अरक्षित
    Soft target

  25. धुँधला  =  outline blurry
    A soft outline

  26. भावुक  =  remark sentimental
    Soft,meaningless talks

  27. हलका  =  light
    A soft tapping at the window

  28. मृदु  =  water, quality
    We're lucky that the local water is soft.

  29. मधुर  =  words smooth
    Soft words

  30. नरमदिल
    Soft parents risk spoiling their children.

  31. नाज़ुक
    A baby's soft skin

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