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elastic Definitions and meaning in English

  1. capable of resuming original shape after stretching or compression
  2. springy
  3. able to adjust readily to different conditions
  4. pliant
  5. rubbery
  6. adaptable
  7. tolerant
  1. a narrow band of elastic rubber used to hold things (such as papers) together
  2. an elastic fabric made of yarns containing an elastic material

elastic Sentences in English

  1. ज़िंदादिल  =  character
    He is always an elastic person in his life

  2. लचकदार  =  idea
    He always has an elastic idea

  3. मुलायम  =  material
    An elastic cloth

  4. लचीला  =  felxible
    A felxible personality

  5. लचीला  =  rubber band
    An elastic band

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