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dear Definitions and meaning in English

  1. dearly loved
  2. with or in a close or intimate relationship
  3. earnest
  4. having a high price
  5. beloved
  6. favorite
  7. very expensive
  1. a beloved person
  2. used as terms of endearment
  3. a sweet innocent mild-mannered person (especially a child)
  4. beloved person
  1. with affection
  2. at a great cost

dear Sentences in English

  1. उँची कीमत में  =  manner
    If you want to make money, buy cheep and sell dear.

  2. प्यारा  =  human
    Come here, my dear.

  3. प्रियअ  =  human
    Come here, my dear.

  4. प्रिय व्यक्ति  =  human
    Isn't she a dear

  5. अरे
    Oh dear! i think i've lost it!

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