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  1. cause to go somewhere
  2. to cause or order to be taken, directed, or transmitted to another place
  3. cause to be directed or transmitted to another place
  4. transport commercially
  5. assign to a station
  6. transfer
  7. cause to be admitted
  8. of persons to an institution
  9. broadcast over the airwaves, as in radio or television
  10. transmit
  11. transfer through a system
  12. please

send Sentences in English

  1. भेजना  =  god human
    God has sent everyone on this earth

  2. प्रसारित करना  =  human
    We cannot send this x-rated song.

  3. आज्ञा देना  =  human order thing
    The king sent and had the man brought to him.

  4. भेजना  =  place, committ
    He was send to the prison

  5. भेजना  =  human, permit
    They send their child to the college

  6. मारना  =  human ball
    He send the ball direct to the batsmen

  7. भेजना  =  human goods human
    He had send the dispatches downtown to the proper people and had slept

  8. भेजना  =  human human
    She sent her child to the camp

  9. भेजना  =  human matter, transfer
    The spy sent the classified information off to the russia

  10. मारना  =  human punch
    The boxer send a punch on the jaw of the boy

  11. भेजना  =  human signal
    The police send the signal in all the jail about the prisoner

  12. भेजना  =  human telegram
    The mother send a telegram to her son

  13. भेजना  =  human telex
    The secretary has send the telex to the boss

  14. भेजना  =  human thing
    We have send the parcel by the courier

  15. भेजना  =  human
    He send me a letter

  16. भेजना  =  organization human
    The company are sending me on the management course

  17. भेजना  =  organization telegram
    The company has send the telegram to the interviewer

  18. भेजना  =  organization telex
    The company has send the telex to the other company

  19. भेजना  =  spacecraft place
    The spacecraft sent pictures back to the earth

  20. मारना  =  hit
    To send a punch to the jaw

  21. भेजना  =  transmit
    To send a letter

  22. गर्जना  =  emit
    The lion sent roar through the jungle

  23. भेजना  =  event human
    She has send her girl to london

  24. उकस्ना  =  excite
    Frank sinatra's record used to send her

  25. आज्ञा दना  =  force to go
    The prime minister send the troops to asia

  26. पहुँचना  =  post
    It will get there quicker if you send it

  27. भेजना  =  feeling
    The mother send her love and says she hopes to see you soon

  28. भेजना  =  human, thing
    She send her daughter to get some milk

  29. भेजना  =  thing, vehicles
    We are sending our lugguages by the sea

  30. निकलना  =  tree, tree
    The branches are sending forth buds

  31. भेजना  =  help
    Send for help a doctor

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