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  1. an isolated fact that is considered separately from the whole
  2. a small part that can be considered separately from the whole
  3. extended treatment of particulars
  4. a crew of workers selected for a particular task
  5. a temporary military unit
  6. feature
  7. specific aspect
  8. military troop
  1. provide details for
  2. assign to a specific task
  3. specify
  4. make clear
  5. assign specific task

detail Sentences in English

  1. विस्तार  =  account
    She described everything in detail.

  2. जानकारी  =  information
    They didn't give any details about the game.

  3. भाग  =  parts
    The overall composition of the picture is good but some of the detail is distracting.

  4. ब्यौरा
    Details of reactions by the vatican or other church authorities

  5. विवरण बयान करना  =  human thing
    She detailed an acident to the police

  6. तफ़सील देना  =  human thing
    He detailed his work to me

  7. नियुक्त करना  =  appoint
    Detail soldiers for guard duty.

  8. सविस्तार वर्णन करना  =  describe
    The computer's features are detailed in our brouchure.

  9. तैनात करना  =  group
    He detailed small group of solidiers to look for the water

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