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  1. allowance
  2. gift
  1. authorize
  2. allow

grant Sentences in English

  1. अनुदान  =  contribution
    Provide grant aid for local forestry projects.

  2. आर्थिक मदद  =  help
    You can get a grant towards the repair of your house.

  3. स्वीकार करना  =  accept
    I was grandted permission to visit the palace.

  4. मानना  =  accept
    I grant youshe is a clever woman,but i would not want to work for her.

  5. अधिकार देना  =  authority
    They were granted a licence to mine in the area.

  6. खुलासा करना  =  clear
    Grant the truth of what somebody says.

  7. प्रदान करना  =  give
    This lands were granted to our family in perpetuity.

  8. अनुमति देना  =  permission
    She was granted to divorce.

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