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  1. a usually brief attempt
  2. a brief indulgence of your impulses
  3. the act of flinging
  4. casual throw
  5. unrestrained behavior
  1. throw with force or recklessness
  2. move in an abrupt or headlong manner
  3. indulge oneself
  4. throw or cast away
  5. throw with abandon

fling Sentences in English

  1. छोटा-मोटा आकस्मिक प्रेम-संबन्ध्  =  love affair
    I had a few flings in my younger days.

  2. रंगरली  =  revelry
    A last/final flung.

  3. जंगली बर्ताव  =  wild behaviour
    Have a/one's flung.

  4. दृढतापूर्वक कहना  =  assert
    Make sure of your facts before you start flinging accusations at people.

  5. पटकना  =  dash down
    She flund the papers on the desk and stormed out.

  6. अचानक निकालना  =  move
    He flung his arm out just in time to stop her falling.

  7. डालना  =  put
    He was flung into prison.

  8. गुस्से में फेंकना  =  throw
    He flung a stone at the window.

  9. तेजी से घुमाना  =  turn
    She flung herself onto the sofa.

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