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  1. ligament made of metal and used to fasten things or make cages or fences etc
  2. a metal conductor that carries electricity over a distance
  3. the finishing line on a racetrack
  4. a message transmitted by telegraph
  5. conducting strand
  1. provide with electrical circuits
  2. send cables, wires, or telegrams
  3. fasten with wire
  4. string on a wire
  5. equip for use with electricity

wire Sentences in English

  1. लाइन  =  line
    Please connect a cable wire in our house

  2. तार  =  metallic thread
    A coil of copper wire.

  3. टेलिग्राम
    Send me a wire if you need me to come over there.

  4. तार  =  telegram
    Send me a wire if you need me to come over there.

  5. तार
    The hamster had got through the wire at the front of its cage.

  6. तार  =  metal conductor
    A loose wire

  7. फीता
    Who touched the wire first

  8. जोड़ना  =  connect thing
    He wired the equipments

  9. तार द्वारा भेजना  =  human
    He wired me the results of the negotiatons

  10. तार से बांधना  =  fasten
    Two pieces of wood were wired together.

  11. तार से बांधना  =  thing
    The two pieces of wood were wired together

  12. बिजली के तार लगाना
    Wire the addition to the house./ the house has not been wired yet.

  13. तार से बाँधना
    The columns were wired to the beams for support.

  14. तार देना
    I wired him to come soon.

  15. तार लगाना
    To wire an appliance

  16. तार द्वारा भेजना  =  send
    Yesterday i wired money to my parents.

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