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  1. an opening into or through something
  2. an opening deliberately made in or through something
  3. one playing period (from tee to green) on a golf course
  4. an unoccupied space
  5. a depression hollowed out of solid matter
  6. a fault
  7. informal terms for a difficult situation
  8. informal terms for the mouth
  9. opening in a solid object
  10. predicament
  1. hit the ball into the hole
  2. make holes in

hole Sentences in English

  1. बिल  =  burrow
    The rabbit hole.

  2. छेद  =  gap
    The dog got out of the yard through a hole in the fence.

  3. गड्ढा  =  space solid
    He'll just dig a big hole in the ground and bury the box in it.

  4. होल  =  golf course
    N 18 hole golf course.

  5. मुँह
    Keep your hole shut.

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