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  1. approaching a particular destination
  2. a coming closer
  3. a narrowing of a gap
  4. a rule for limiting or ending debate in a deliberative body
  5. a Gestalt principle of organization holding that there is an innate tendency to perceive incomplete objects as complete and to close or fill gaps and to perceive asymmetric stimuli as symmetric
  6. something settled or resolved
  7. the outcome of decision making
  8. an obstruction in a pipe or tube
  9. the act of blocking
  10. termination of operations
  11. conclusion
  12. plug
  13. seal
  1. terminate debate by calling for a vote

closure Sentences in English

  1. काम-बंदी
    Following the factory closure there has been very high unemployment in the surrounding villages.

  2. बंदी
    The mine-workers' unions are fighting hard to stop the government from implementing its programme of pit closures.

  3. समाप्ति
    Finally brought the project to closure

  4. बंद होना
    Industrial and business closures

  5. खात्मा
    Finally brought the project to closure

  6. समाप्त करना
    The president ordered to closure the debate.

  7. खत्म करना
    The president ordered to closure the debate.

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