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  1. (military) withdrawal of troops to a more favorable position to escape the enemy's superior forces or after a defeat
  2. a place of privacy
  3. departure
  4. place one goes for peace
  1. pull back
  2. go away

retreat Sentences in English

  1. निर्णय बदलना  =  change one's mind
    The president retreated in the face of hostile public opinion.

  2. गिरना  =  decline
    Share prices retreated 45p

  3. कम होना  =  decrease
    The flood water slowly retreated.

  4. चला जाना  =  go away
    Embarrased, she retreated to her bedroom.

  5. भागना  =  hide
    After the scandal, she retreated from the public eye.

  6. पीछे हटना  =  withdraw
    Crowds retreating before police fire hoses.

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