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  1. a natural or artificial enclosed space
  2. an enclosed volume (as the aqueous chamber of the eyeball or the chambers of the heart)
  3. a room where a judge transacts business
  4. a deliberative or legislative or administrative or judicial assembly
  5. a room used primarily for sleeping
  6. small compartment
  7. room
  8. legislative body
  1. place in a chamber

chamber Sentences in English

  1. कक्ष  =  cell
    A gas chamber.

  2. कक्षिका  =  enclosed space
    The explorers discovered a vast underground chamber.

  3. सदन  =  hall
    The members left the council chamber.

  4. कोष्ठ  =  organ
    The chambers of heart.

  5. कक्ष  =  gun
    The part of a gun that holds bullets

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